REPORT: Magic Johnson And LeBron James Having Dinner Saturday Night

Magic Johnson will reportedly attempt to woo LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers with dinner on Saturday evening, hours before free agency begins.

To be clear, free agency starts at midnight eastern, so this dinner can legally happen at 9 PM Showtime (get it?!).


The most recently rumblings have heavily suggested the idea that LeBron James is indeed leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers. Earlier on Saturday, it was reported that LeBron was not having any meeting with the Cavs, was flying to Los Angeles, and this could be the reason why.

Of course, it is certainly worth noting that he also has a home in LA.

Read all the hints and conspiracy theories!

Anyway, LeBron is an excellent basketball player. Arguably, he’s the greatest in the history of the sport. Any time would be thrilled to land him, but Cleveland might feel this one for a long time. Not in terms of being mad at him, as James brought the city the title he promised, but relative to the outlook for the franchise moving forward.

A lot is on the table with whatever LeBron decides to do. Whether he goes to the Lakers, stays with the Cavs, or randomly decides to become a pro wrestler, ramifications will be had league-wide.


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