JUST IN: Barack Hussein Obama Footage Leaks – The Truth Is Out!

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump officially nominated Neil Warsuch to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Even before Trump announced the nomination, Democrats in Congress announced plans to boycott whoever his pick would be. That’s why they’re furious that this footage of Barack Obama speaking just one year ago has surfaced.

“Democracy can’t work when all you’re about is trying to destroy somebody from the other party,” Obama said, according to The Gateway Pundit. “If we demonize each other. If we block Supreme Court justices not because not just because that’s how it’s supposed to work but because we didn’t win.”

At the time, Obama was sure Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, so he was really warning Republicans in Congress to not shoot down her nomination. However, now that Clinton lost, perhaps the Democrats should take their beloved Obama’s advice and stop being such sore losers!

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