Jeff Sessions Just Made An EXCELLENT Move As Attorney General And The Democrats Are Going To Hate It!

Jeff Sessions just announced that one of the first things in his new tenure in charge as Attorney General is to end the Federal Government’s opposition voter id laws in the state of Texas.

This is a huge deal because if you can’t remember the Democrats have been extremely lax on voter id laws and this has allowed people to vote illegally.

President Trump even called for an investigation into the vote in California after the Democrats were trying to hold the popular vote numbers up as a reason that Trump shouldn’t lead our country. This was because of the extremely lax voter laws in California that took Hillary past Trump in the popular vote.

Both Jeff Sessions and President Trump have said that their were millions of illegal voters in the election, and now they are fixing the problem so future elections won’t be plagued by this fraud.

The Democrats have been making claims that the Republicans only want to pass voter id laws to make it harder for minorities to vote, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

NPR reported:

… But the Trump administration notes that the Texas legislature is now considering changing the law to address concerns that it hurts minorities. DOJ says those efforts should be allowed to proceed.

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions aren’t racist they just want a fair election and if the Democrats have an issue with that then that speaks to a bigger problem.

Why would the Democrats want lax voter id laws unless it helped them?

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are going to end the fraud in our election system so that future elections will run smoothly and even Democrats can’t complain about the results.

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