Hillary Clinton’s greatest achievement is her having been able thus far to live a life of notorious crimes, including treason, without being held accountable. Harvard…

Awards, when given to the corrupt political elite are a lot like toilet paper, they are rolled out to be applied to human excrement. That’s the case with Harvard giving Hillary Clinton a meaningless participation trophy, the Radcliffe Medal. She’s closer to qualifying for the Heathcliffe Medal, presumably for fat cats living off the fruits of others. Libtards love validating themselves and their comrades by handing out fabricated, meaningless trinkets and baubles of false recognition.

The line of distorted disinformation that is being shoveled out during Harvard’s graduation week to justify Clinton receiving anything other than a life sentence or appointment with an executioner, in this case the medal, is necessarily broadly worded so as to provide the appearance that it was actually earned and not just one dirty hand attempting to wash another.

Clinton, whose list of “accomplishments” include being married to Bill Clinton and protecting him as he assaulted innocent women and turned the Oval Office into his own Playboy Mansion for the under-endowed, a do-nothing US Senator, a corrupt, racketeering Secretary of State who committed innumerable felonies and espionage against our nation, and a losing presidential candidate who conspired with the Obama regime to abuse the power of the federal government for political purposes.

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It’s quite a resume but the kind of stuff that most often earns an inmate identification number, not a medal. The libtards at Harvard will be giving her the award on Friday, saying in those vague terms that it honors individuals whose life and work have had a “transformative impact on society.” Transformative, as was painfully demonstrated by the eight years of the Obama-Clinton nightmare, isn’t necessarily a positive change. Hitler and Stalin had transformative effects as well. Harvard might want to consider posthumous awards for them.

It’s as if they think the rest of us are idiots and quite likely also because they are too corrupt and self-absorbed to care what we think, that the organizers ludicrously claim that Clinton was selected because she’s a “champion for human rights,” a “skilled legislator” and “an advocate of American leadership” on the world stage.

Don’t they feel any obligation to provide examples for any of those claims? Aside from giving away a small portion of the money she and her husband helped themselves to on the backs of donors to various emergencies and front causes for their racketeering through the Clinton Foundation, none of that is true.

According to Politifact, “Of the bills Clinton sponsored, only three actually became law. One established a historic site in New York, one renamed a post office and one named a highway.” Is that all it takes for the eggheads in Cambridge to label someone a “skilled legislator?” Given that low bar for recognition, one has to wonder if there is any such thing as an unskilled legislator.

As for being an advocate for American leadership, she did lead us into Libya, killing their president, paving the way for ISIS and smuggling arms to terrorists in the process. Is that how the elites choose to define American leadership these days or is there more at play, the obvious attempt to salvage her reputation and keep her from paying for her crimes?

That’s the kind of thinking that goes on at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the other toilets that produce the garbage that is recycled through various positions in this corrupt government swamp. How could anyone dare to indict such an “honorable public servant” and grandmother? Hopefully we’ll have an answer for that question real soon, as soon as President Trump cleans house at DOJ.

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