BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Brought Every Democrat To Tears With 3 Tweets! They Can’t Even Argue With This!

Donald Trump has taken and taken the false accusations of Russian hacking from the Democrats and Obama and now he has finally spoken out against it.

The best part is that his logic makes perfect sense! So much so that the people that argue against this truly are “stupid.”

The United States and Russia need to put their differences aside and need to move on together with good relations so both countries can move forward.

The Democrats are acting like we are still in the middle of the Cold War.

Donald Trump shut down every Democrat because even the ones that hate him most have to agree with him here.

Now how could anyone argue with that? The Democrats are sure to try and find a way to, but even they are going to struggle with fighting this.

Remember when Obama made fun of Mitt Romney in the debate about the United States not needing to defend itself against Russia and him making fun of Romney, joking that we aren’t in the Cold War anymore?

Well the real joke is that now that Democrats are wanting to do the very thing that Obama turned down four years ago.

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