Bill Maher Compares Melania Trump To A Jew During The Holocaust! [Video]

Bill Maher takes out his anger on the household of Donald Trump and Melania Trump. At a recent installment, he compared Melania to a Jew from the Holocaust to be married to Donald Trump.

I’d buy you all over.’ No, he did not. In fact, it’s sadder than this: they did not say anything. They did not have zero tweets back and on about that, dinner. And Melania was assumed to visit Davos with him in the last minute did not,” said Maher. He needs to mind his own organization.

Yeah, that is bureaucrat talk, ‘Why not choose the porn star you’re f*cking?”

“Melania, baby, you have to knit a p*ssy hat, so I am tellin’ ya! This is how bad it has gotten rather than moving along with her husband to Davos, Melania went to cheer up. The guest book was also signed by her: ‘I understand the sensation’ And then she lit a candle to mourn the darkened day two weeks back when Trump’s physician said that he had been in great health.

“But you understand who is not angry at Trump for a porn star? The evangelicals! Can you find this? A mulligan! One blemish in a lifestyle that is Christian. I am not certain a mulligan has you out of Trump’s lifestyle to a lifetime of a good human being. I believe that the term for this is reincarnation,” said Maher. Wow. If this show has been removed from the air?


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